The Fruitman!

Back in the summers of the 50’s there was a time when the fruit man would come around with his push cart then at times with his pickup truck with lots of delicious fruit on the back and you would hear him coming from blocks away!

And he’ll be yelling loud so all could hear “Watermellon, Watermellon” 29 cents a pound! “Peaches Peaches” 3 lbs for 69 cents a pound and he had apples, grapes, bananas, and fresh vegetables, peas, carrots, and corn on the cob!

When my Mother heard him yelling sometimes she’ll say go out and get a watermellon or something else or I would run in and ask for five or 10 cents to get a few things, and you would see other people come out and doing the same.

But I really have to say the watermellon on a hot summer’s day hit the spot! Like the when the good humor man came around ringing the bells to let you know he was coming and, if you had a dime you could get a Dixie cup, or something else and that made your day plus it was fun when he let the kids ring the bells up front!

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  1. retrodee says:

    It must have been so nice to have a man come by specifically to sell things like fresh fruit. The world will never be like that again!

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