Mrs. Albright

In the year of 1958 my friend and I were walking to Woolworth’s five and dime store that was about 4 blocks away and as we were walking pass a apartment building, a woman in her 60’s I think was standing on her door step and as we passed she said “Oh Boys!” Could you please go the the A and P and pick up a few items for me I’ll give you both a tip!

The A&P was right across the street from Woolworths up the block some so we said sure she gave us some money and we got all that was on the list, and when we got back she gave both of us a quarter! Well that was good enough for us! It was more to spend at the five and dime.

Then she asked us if we could come once a week if I remember right it was every Thursday so we did go there a few more times and she would give us her list and we both got a quarter till the next time, but we only did it about 3 or 4 times after that I think we rang her bell a couple of times but there was no answer.

Then we never went back but every once in awhile when I would go for a haircut that was right across the street from Woolworths over the years, I would pass that house and think of Mrs. Albright, Memories are make of this!


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  1. retrodee says:

    I love stories like this from the days when people could trust each other. Wish it could be like that again!

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