Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day

This is a post I made from last year, I wanted to repost it again for you.

I remember going to the Memorial day parade back as a kid growing up in the 1950s.
We looked forward to it every year! It was held a few blocks from where I lived on the main boulevard where the streets were wide and it began in way down 2 citys away and ended at the end of my town..

It was a lot of fun as it aways had the cowboys, American Indians on big horses, and then there were the marching soldiers and tanks, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, all marching to the loud roars from the crowds lining each side of the parade route!

My friends and I would decorate our bikes with balloons that were placed in between the spokes of the rear tire so it would sound like a motorcycle, like that really had the crowd excited! And we would ride up and down the parade route back and forth. Then there were the vendors selling flags, balloons, and other toys, up and down the parade route.

Yes those Memorial day parades were fun to see but we always knew what the meaning of the day meant, and will never forget all the sacrifice that was made for the American People, and for the World, because of them giving their all to keep the world safe as they serve today! Please keep them in your prays!  God Bless America!

Thanks Bob..
illustration Licensed by:
(c) Can Stock Photo / roxanabalint