What’s a little rain?

Today It’s raining hard on the east coast and at times especially in the summers of the 1950’s when it was a rainy day, I would go out on the front porch and just watch as the rain came down and I loved that aroma that rose from the streets from the summer heat!

So if it wasn’t too bad I would across the street to the monastery grounds and because the large driveway came down on a sloop, the rain would roll down into the street. And then I would go and make a dam out of twigs and things because a lot of the ground was dirt, all but the driveway and the area where the people parked their cars for Sunday mass at the Church.

And the rain didn’t bother me at all I would spend a hour or two there just me and the rain making dams and knnocking them down just to start over again. And this weather always makes me think of those days in the rain.

My friends also loved the rain in the summer and after it stopped raining, we would run out by the cars and wiped the cars off with our hands just to feel the cool water on a hot summer’s day and go up and down the block, a bunch of weirdos! But that’s what great memories are made of!


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  1. retrodee says:

    I love summer rain, we don’t get rain in the summer in CA as a rule, very rare! The East Coast summers are nice, I think. Great memories, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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