The Poolroom!

In 1964 to about 1968 I began hanging out with a few friends and we started going down to the poolroom about 12 blocks away and we got to meet and make friends there. The room we played in was upstairs and right next to it there was a bowling lanes separated by a wall and there were about maybe 12 tables to use and If I remember, they charged $1.00 an hour per game.

And downstairs there was a food counter where we would get a bite to eat maybe, some fries, soda, mostly and a Jukebox, I can still hear the four seasons on it singing “Lets Hang On! Then at times we would hang outsite just singing the songs of the times like, the Four Seasons, the Beatles, Motown hits like, “My Girl” and many others.

We would go down the poolroom almost every night to play a game or just to hang out other than have band practic at my friends home. Or we played at a dance or backyard party somewhere. It really seems like yestderday when it all happened, over the years we mostly went our own way but I did stay in touch with my friend who played lead guitar in the band we formed.

In 1965 I did save up $60.00 to buy a Pool table and had my brother In-law help me we had to tie it up on the roof of his car and it was bigger then I thought, I had it set up in my bedroom that I shared with my brother, and it took up most of the room Hah! But we didn’t mind because we had fun playing on that table till it wore out!!