Hey Bobby!

There was a time where a kid could travel around without a worry this short story reminds me of how I did that from time to from Mom Bruno who owned the candy store around the block from my house.

Every once in awhile when I went to Mom’s for something, she would yell “Hey Bobby” to get my attention before I hurried out the store. I came back to the counter and she would say” Do me a favor I need you to go the the store a few blocks away, and pick up a few things and bring it right back and I’ll give you 25 cents you and can pick out what ever you want.

Wow! ok Not quite like hitting the lottery but it was exciting to me so Mom gives me a note with her list of what she needs and I head out to the store I go into the store then hand over the note and money to the owner, who gos in the back and fills the order in about 15 minutes or so, and in a large box there are cartons of cigarettes, boxes of display candies, and othe items, he then ties it up with twine rope so I can carry it the few blocks to Mom’s.

So here I am 10 or 11 years old and walking back to Mom’s without a worry about anyone stopping me, or trying to take anything from the box, the items were always out in the open for all to see as the man never had the top of the box sealed.

But I never once had anyone question me about it so I went right back to the store and mom would say thanks and then she would say “Pick out what you want Bobby”, but like I said once before a kid could get a bit with candy being 2 for a penny, soda, about 5 to 7 cents, ice cream, about the same, I did that a number of times for mom Just wanted to share this!


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  1. retrodee says:

    I love your posts, Bob! They always give me such a great picture of the wonderful time the 50’s were… Gee, I don’t think we could get very far with a box full of great stuff like that when I was a kid. Someone would have tried to steal something, or at least harass us about what we had… and I lived in a pretty good neighborhood!

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    1. Bob says:

      Hi Dee! Thanks for the nice comment, the main reason of my blog is to give people a sense of those times, from my point of view as I remember them.


  2. Lisa says:

    Great post dad, this takes me back to my childhood when I would go to the store for an adult & was able to pick out a snack, or better yet get paid for going. It used to make me feel so “ grown up”! I loved doing it! Thanks for the memory. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in that candy store when you were young. I bet you looked just like that black & white cartoon pic! 😊

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Pal! Yeah I was close to it, I had reddish hair and red freckles and I wasn’t far from this illustration the only photo I have on this site of me then, at 10 years old is the one on the porch in 1957 taken by Aunt Mickey with the polaroid camera.
      P.S. And I did use those polo shirts a lot like in the illustration!


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