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In the 1950s we would visit my Grandmother who lived about 7 blocks away at the time,  sometimes I would go alone with my mother or father other times we all would visit. It was fun because I remember my father and his 4 brothers, would always be playing a card game of pinnacle, and us kids would always be outside the house playing and coming in and out.

And I remember my Grandmother would be making coffee and sandwiches for them. But I always would come in and ask my dad for 5 or 10 cents to go across the street to Jack’s candy store for a treat. You could get a soda, a maryjane bite, red licorice, or a jelly roll, or pick from the bunch.

Down the block from Jack’s store, there was an Italian Deli I can’t recall the name but the store had this incredible aroma! that I loved not sure what caused it, I think maybe it came from the Cheese that hung on rope in the front of the store display!

I can almost smell it now! And if we visited Grandma’s on a Sunday, she would have us kids go the Margie’s bakery, about a block away from the house for hot out of the oven fresh rolls. or a wonderful coffee crumb cake! There aren’t many bakeries like that around where I live these days like Margies.

Then at times my Grandmother would say, go down and get ice cream at the dairy queen, two blocks away, and as we went there was the high school on the next corner where my Grandmother went as a teen! and down the next block, across from the dairy queen there was an ice cream parlor, where you could get a ice cream sundae for 25 cents!

I did visit a well-known bakery a few years ago in a town near by on a nice summer day, I picked up a few rolls, and a couple of coffee cake slices, but when I got home the roll was old and hard, and the coffee cake was small and not very tasty.

That’s the last time I went to a bakery, I get my rolls and cake at the local grocery store these days. I wish could go back to those days for a visit to Grandma’s house just for a day and live it all over again, Yes Just one more Day!


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  1. retrodee says:

    Great blog entry! I can just picture all those goodies. Also your story reminds me of the few summers I visited my Grandparents on the East Coast (I was the only one in our fam who grew up on the WEST Coast) I loved to go to Friendly’s for ice cream because it was exclusive to New England!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dee, It’s those little things that take you back, like a familiar aroma and such!


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