Visit To Grandma’s


In the 1950s we would visit my Grandmother who lived about 7 blocks away at the time,  sometimes I would go alone with my mother or father other times we all would visit. It was fun because I remember my father and his 4 brothers would always be playing a card game of pinnacle, and us kids would always be outside the house playing and coming in and out.

And I remember my Grandmother would be making coffee and sandwiches for them. But I always would come in and ask my dad for 5 or 10 cents to go across the street to Jack’s candy store for a treat. You could get a soda, a maryjane bite, red licorice or jelly roll or pick from the bunch.

Down the block from Jack’s store there was an Italian Deli I can’t recall the name but the store had this incredible aroma! That I loved not sure what caused it, I think maybe it came from the Cheese that hung on rope in the front of the store display!

I can almost smell it now! And if we visited Grandma’s on a Sunday, she would have us kids go the Margie’s bakery about a block away from the house for hot out of the oven fresh rolls. or a wonderful coffee crumb cake! There aren’t many bakeries like that around where I live these days like Margies.

Then at times my Grandmother would say, go down and get ice cream at the diary queen 2 blocks away, and as we went there was the high school on the next corner where my Grandmother went as a teen! and down the next block, across from the dairy queen there was an ice cream parlor where you could get a ice cream sundae for 25 cents!

I did visit a well-known bakery a few years ago in a town near by on a nice summer day, I picked up a few rolls and a couple of coffee cake slices, but when I got home the roll was old and hard, and the coffee cake was small and not very tasty.

That’s the last time I went to a bakery, I get my rolls and cake at the local grocery store these days. I wish could go back to those days for a visit to Grandma’s house just for a day and live it all over again, Just one more Day!


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  1. retrodee says:

    Great blog entry! I can just picture all those goodies. Also your story reminds me of the few summers I visited my Grandparents on the East Coast (I was the only one in our fam who grew up on the WEST Coast) I loved to go to Friendly’s for ice cream because it was exclusive to New England!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dee, It’s those little things that take you back, like a familiar aroma and such!


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