Vaccination Day!

retroboy I remember in the 1950’s going to the health clinic to get a vaccination shot, What a long day that turned out to be! I would go with my Mother to the clinic and have to wait with a number of other lucky kids who I’m sure weren’t looking forward to the event of the day same as I was!

The waiting was a nightmare for a kid and I could have sworn it was like a year I was there! There was a side door in the hallway that lead out to the back of the clinic that some kids and I would play around to past time, but then the Mother’s would yell out get in here we’re next.

Something about those 2 words sent a chill up a kids spine, so we would line up against a tile wall that lead into the one and only room you never wanted to be in again!! 

And it seemed to take that year I mentioned to get up there and before you knew it you were next! Oh please don’t pick me next no such luck then,

I walked up to the Doctor and tried not to look but couldn’t help it and then it was over, Oh Happy Day! I thought and quickly left with my Mother free from that clinic and home to relax till the next time!


2 comments on “Vaccination Day!”
  1. retrodee says:

    I hated that when I was a kid too! I still hate having to have blood drawn. LOL!

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    1. Bob says:

      Yeah Dee! It was real anxiety going though it and always the same each time! Help! Hah


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