Cold War Drills!

Cold War

Cold War School Drills

My friend from Retro Dee’s Guide to the Best Era Ever! here on WordPress recently wrote of the not so happy days of the 1950’s, about the Cold War drills the students had to take in case of attack!

We had to go down in the basement at our school to take shelter and wait for the all clear and it was done on a regular basis. So yes that was a scary and not so happy memory of the 1950’s. But other than those drills.

I myself didn’t dwell on it as a kid and I don’t remember any of my friends talking about it after all we were just kids doing what kids do at that young age!

4 thoughts on “Cold War Drills!

  1. Thanks for the mention! Yeah I’ve heard from relatives that they did the Duck and Cover drills in the’50s, but it wasn’t a big deal to them, which is good. In California we did similar drills (ducking under desks) in school in case of earthquakes!

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    • Wow Dee, We don’t get many earthquakes in this area, if we do we hardly notice them! But what a scary thing it must be to have a drill like that!.


  2. It’s kinda like the lockdown drills that my kids do in school nowadays. In case there is a school shooting. So sad, I guess every generation has their issues.

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    • Yeah Lee, It’s a sad world these days with all the events with the shooting, wish I could bring everyone back to the world i grew up in even through it had it’s problems, it was so much better!


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