3D Movies

220px-Bwanadevil3 Man! What fun it was to see the 3D movie, Bwana Devil Back in the 1950’s. Everyone got a pair of those white cardboard glasses that made the screen jump out at you! Kids would be screaming and laughing out loud, it was the first time we viewed a movie like that where I lived.

Going to the saturday movies was a regular event for my friends and I, There were 4 in my city at the time and a couple that use to hold the horror shows I spoke of awhile ago and even Christmas movies and in between, they’ll be a drawing contest at a chance to win a bike! My cousin won a great bike one year!


2 comments on “3D Movies”
  1. Lisa says:

    How nice it must’ve been to see a real 3D movie, not like the ones the have today!


    1. Bob says:

      Yeah it was fun and exciting to see things jumping out at you, I remember lots of kids screaming me included! Hah


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