Take a Public Service Bus!


When I was a kid we used go to Palisades Amusement Park located in Bergen County New Jersey, It had lots to do there in the summer months and easy to get to by car or Bus. It was a big park with a water pool, all kinds of rides, for Adults as well as kids! It opened in 1898 to 1971.

You could be there all day and they used to have fries with vinegar in a paper funnel, and hot dogs, burgers, and all the rest! they had a jingle on the radio that went line, Stop the fighting, stop the fuss! take a public service bus! There was even a song named Palisade Park in 1962 composed by, Chuck Barris and sung by Freddy Cannon. Yes I can still smell the aroma of the food, and hear the sounds from a special time.