Going Crabbing!

Every once in a while a memory  comes back to me from better days from the 1950’s, This one is from when I was about 8 or 9 and it was a kids kind of summer day bright sunshine and hot! We didn’t really mind the heat much in those days as no one I knew had air conditioning. Sometimes on a nice day like this my Father and Uncle would take me with them to go crabbing down off the piers in the Hudson River in Hoboken.

So we would carry a few crabbing nets and a bucket and bait and walk down there a good walk but you never thought about the walk. We would throw the nets in the water then wait awhile and pull the nets up if we caught any crabs we would put them in the bucket and start over again we would stay for hours then head back home I didn’t touch the crabs I didn’t want to get snapped by them! LoL