My First Car!

Yeah there’s nothing like getting your first car! It was 1964 and I studied hard and got my driver’s license, the first step in getting a first car. My wish then was to pick up a used car something that could run until it couldn’t anymore but being 17 at the time,

there wasn’t a lot of options to buy a car even as I was working part time the money then wasn’t great so I just kept dreaming of the day until one day my older Brother came and said do me you want to buy my car? I’m like What? are you kidding!

How much is it? He said 1 dollar I’m like here you go so 2 days later I’m at the MVA getting my plates, registration, (State Insurance 25 dollars at the time) in all I think it was about 35 dollars or so and be on my way to owning my first car! I went home as fast as I could a proud owner of a 1951 used car and loved it all! As soon as I put the plates on I went around the block for my first ride and parked it outside my house. Yeah how sweet it was!

1951  Chevy Car credit=