Here’s your paper ~ I think!

RetroBoyBack in 1957 I had a Cousin who delivered newspapers and one day he said to me, I’m quitting my job do you want to do it? I said ok so he walks me around the block to where the office was and tells the man in charge I’ll be taking over his route. So He trains me for one day and then I’m on my own and I get this book with all the people who get a paper delivered.

So at first I did all right but then one day I forgot to bring the address book and could only remember a few of the address’s so I came back at the end of the day with a lot of papers that I threw away! So people called and said they didn’t get their paper.

So I had to re-deliver them and it came out of my tips! I didn’t last long at the job because I spent more money from the collection money for candy along the way that on Saturdays when I had to hand the money in I was short and had to make it up..