Saturday TV in the Fifties

Lone_ranger_silver_1965 (1)

What fun it was watching those TV shows on Saturdays in the 1950’s! The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Hop along Cassidy, and more. I loved them all what was your favorite one? The Lone Ranger Show was one of my favorites. I remeber our small TV in the living room i think with a 13 inch screen! and just sitting there watching all the westerns, there wasn’t many cartoons on at the time,

I do remember Betty Boop, a few other black and white cartoons I can’t recall their names now. And there was a channel that played the “Little Rascals” that played in the movies at one time, from the 1920’s 30’s, and 40’s, “Our Gang” about a bunch of neighborhood kids who always found a way to somehow get into trouble!


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  1. Jamie says:

    The Lone Ranger. I watched it in around 1960-61 here in the UK. I was adamant at one stage that I could see it in colour on our black and white TV – I think with hindsight it was just the tube being about to go and causing a green sheen on the screen!
    Loved The Lone Ranger – and even enjoyed the recent movie with Johnny Depp.

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    1. Bob says:

      Yeah a great show it was! We had a small black and white like most people back then. They were all good shows, TV was young and new and people loved most of of the shows and a lot were live also!


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