Lets Do The Twist!

The Twist


Back in the 1950s and 1960s there were some great songs and some had a dance that went hand in hand with the song, like the Twist! It became very popular in the 1960’s on a show that was hosted by a DJ named Buddy Dean in Baltimore.

The song was recommended to Dick Clark for American Bandstand, Dick Clark searched for a local talent to record it, and chose Chubby Checker for it. In 1960 he performed it Wildwood N.J And in August he preformed it on American Bandstand, and the song became a national hit sensation! And it was so popular that in 1961 and 1962 those in high society were also up and twisting the night away!

And in New York city there was a nightclub named “The peppermint Lounge” that featured Joey Dee and the Starliters, and soon they had a hit song named, The Peppermint Twist! And a number of other music stars also recorded songs that had the twist in them.

It’s funny but my friend and I were 18 years old at the time and lived about 10 minutes from the city, so we said lets go over the city to the peppermint lounge because we thought that would be so cool, so we went on a summer day walked in and ordered 2 beers, that we drank and then walked out!  Yeah a couple of cool Jerks! lol
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New Music Added!


rock n roll on the jukebox

New Songs added to the Jukebox!
Since I don’t have You, by the Skyliners, Oh What a Night by the Dells, Tonite Tonite by the Mello-Kings, Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis,  Oh Boy by Buddy Holly, Come Softly by The Fleetwoods, Johhny B Goode by Chuck Berry, Sea of of of Love by Phil Phillip, Charlie Brown by the Coasters.


New music added


rock n roll on the jukebox

Hi! I added a few new songs to the Jukebox, Cupid by Sam Cooke, Bye Bye Baby by The Four Seasons, the Stroll by The Diamonds.


Billboard number-one hits 1950

I’ll be adding the number one hits of the 1950’s from Billboard.

Songs  that Reached number one by Artist(s)

Single Record labels and Weeks at number one.

January 7, 1950 Gene Autry “Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer”
January 14, 1950 The Andrews Sisters “I Can Dream, Can’t I”
February 11, 1950 The Ames Brothers “Rag Mop”
February 18, 1950 Red Foley “Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy”
March 18, 1950 Teresa Brewer “Music! Music! Music!”
April 15, 1950 Eileen Barton “If I Knew You Were Comin’ I’d’ve Baked a Cake”
National (local); Mercury (nationwide)
April 29, 1950 Anton Karas “The Third Man Theme”
July 15, 1950 Nat King Cole “Mona Lisa”
August 19, 1950 Gordon Jenkins and The Weavers “Goodnight Irene”♪ (1950)
November 18, 1950 Sammy Kaye “Harbor Lights”
December 2, 1950 Phil Harris “The Thing”
RCA Victor
December 30, 1950 Patti Page “The Tennessee Waltz”
I’ll be adding more over time.

Jukebox update!


Spinning on The Jukebox

Hi I added background information on who wrote the songs playing on the jukebox, and will be adding more soon.

Lets start a Band!


Gibson SG Guitar

Back in 1964 my friend and I were hanging out and he played a Guitar like the one above, and I loved guitars and loved to sing even as a kid and it was Elvis that got me going in the 1950’s! there were great groups in the early 1950’s that were playing on the radio like, The four Seasons and the Beach Boys, but then in 1964 came the Beatles and that’s when I got the bug to learn more so one day my friend and I got together and he showed me a few chords and had a great time singing at his house but being left handed was a problem for me so I brought a right handed guitar soon in a hock stop for $35.00 in the town I lived but I tried hard to learn playing a right handed guitar learning with the guitar upside down playing the chords the opposite!

Yeah I know to a right handed person it seems weird but it’s true. Anyway one day we were hanging out and I said hey do you want to start a band? he says yeah I’ll teach you some chords and we’ll practice a few songs, we only knew a few and the Beatles were just out and wew played by ear and he knew instrumental songs and we did them and a couple of Beatle songs and one day he comes over my house and says,

I found us a drummer so we went to his house and we used to always practice in the basement back then and I met the Drummer we played through a few songs we knew he was a good drummer and decided to join us and after soon So we packing up everything in my 1951 Chevy 2 door and it was filled to the limit! we were playing at the Church hall where the high school kids would come pay $2.00 to get in and we were payed $5.00 each! But you know we would haved played for nothing because we loved playing music!

And we played there a number of times there and on the stage we had a mic each one on the left and one on the right and the drummer in the middle behind us it was a great time and we played a few back yard partys also yeah great memories we made back then, it lasted a few years and we kind of disbanded but I still got together with my Friend over the years just to play some music what a time to be in a band!

60’s music added

wpab146494_06 I added a few songs from the 1960’s some were recorded live as well I added the thr Supremes, the Chiffons, Martha and the Vandelas and of couse the Beatles! I’ll be adding more over time they’re playing on the Jukebox.. Peace out!

Doo Wop Classics!

e950c57b1620fc53cfbad40dd8e3db349227ee415af8a6997f7ba40669304b14Doo-Wop Classics Doo-Wop Forever Listen to great epsiodes of oldies music today! The player opens in a new window so you can cruise the site as you listen to great music!

Let’s Do The Stroll!