About Me


This site is about my memories of growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s  many have their own memories from the times, these are mine. I grew up in New Jersey and was a young kid from a family of 12. We didn’t have much but there were other families where I lived who had about the same. But we never really complained much. Kids then just went outside and played with each other after school and then after dinner.

And in the summer we stayed out a little longer as long as we stayed in front of the house! What fun we had playing baseball, stickball, two hand touch football, riding our bikes, skating, making scooters out of a wooden crate and riding down the street! And when the Good Humor man came around we loved buying those Dixie cups for 10 cents, and you could get candy two for a penny and you could see two feature films for 25 cents on a Saturday!
Those really were the happy days.