50’s Styles

The 1950’s was i think one of the greatest era’s of styles of fashions, and home deco if there ever was, fashion was very glamorous! just look back at the movie stars of the time, class all around. And teens as always had their own fashion styles, with poodle skirts, saddle shoes pony tails, casual sweaters, that the girls would wear, and if they were asked, a boys high school sweater with their high school letter! The autos of the 1950’s were the coolest models if there was any! and made in the good old U.S.A.! Built like tanks and what quality they all were. Home products were also the best time to buy a new TV but the prices were steep at the time, until more company’s began making their own brand and the prices became more flexible.

I love the styles of the lamps of the 1950’s, and almost brought a couple about 6 years ago on Etsy but were prices at 75.00 ea. but were so retro that’s was before I moved where i live now. I had a retro like kitchen with a retro table and chair set, a number of tin signs I placed on the walls, a retro table cloth, a retro radio that I brought on ebay, a retro table jukebox that worked and a slot for my CD oldies cassettes.

I also brought a menu sign with my name on it that said” Bob’s Diner” I placed on the kitchen wall. I was about to get retro coffee cans, and soda bottles, but never got around to it before I moved, I still have the signs and other items I put up a few in my kitchen. The radio still works but it only really gets the stations at the time mostly AM stations!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I look back at family pictures from when I was small and my mum and dad (who didn’t have much money!) always look so smart and stylish. My mum perhaps in a tailored two-piece suit and a little hat or a full-skirted shirtwaister dress in summer. My dad in wide grey flannels, a blazer or sports jacket, white shirt and a tie.

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