A Good and Plenty Day!

Back in 1957 I wrote about being a paperboy in the 1950s and although i wasn’t on the job long, I do remember the day while playing with my friends in the Monerstary Grounds when one of my freinds come yelling, “Bobby you won the contest” That contest was about whonever signed up the most new customers in a certain time period would be the lucky winner of a case of Good and Plenty candy! Wow a whole 24 count box of candy just for me.

I remember yelling and jumping up and down saying “I won I won! So I ran around the corner to the dispatch office this is right before I was “fired” for eating all the profits that I had to make up for later on that’s another story in itself.

And sadly to say the office was Mom Bruno’s Store Mom and her husband closed it down and moved on I think if I remember they also had a store uptown not too far from this one, I do remember when my friends and I walked up there once but only her husband was there so we left, we didn’t know him well and it seemed that he didn’t care much for kids and we hardly ever saw him around the corner store.

After picking up my prize I went around the block and gave my friends a box and kept the rest to savor all for myself in the next few days. I still buy them time to time but that was the first time I ever won anything and it’s something you never forget!


3 comments on “A Good and Plenty Day!”
  1. retrodee says:

    How cool – I used to eat those too! Yes, winning is always so much fun and something great to remember. Thanks for sharing this story! 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    Luv those Good n Plenty candies!

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    1. Bob says:

      Yeah I loved them too!


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