Goosebumps in 58′

low angle view of man standing at night

Back in 1958 my friends and I were just hanging out in front of my house, when a few older kids began talking of visiting an old casino about 12 blocks from where we lived. It was used if I remember right for gambling back in the 1930’s but now just boarded up and abandoned.

They wanted to go one night and see what it looked like and maybe find something to take home, we asked if we could go also and it was planned for the next night at about 10:pm. So we met up the next night and walked up to the casino and brought along flashlights to look around. The only thing was we had to open the window in the bottom and slide down to the floor, so we all got in and looked around there was a great big chandelier right in the center of the room and a bunch of tables and other things,

But when we went down the stairs in the back of the room, that seemed to go down a bit, we saw these large spikes implanted in the walls going down! We quickly went up the stairs and went back out the window and headed home with a scary tale to share.

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    That sounds like it would make a good movie! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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