The Milkman


When I was 14 years old,I got a part-time job working for the milkman in the city I lived. My family knew him well and my older Brother worked for him in the early 1950’s, so I asked him if I could work there, he said yes but it’s early in the morning so I had to be at his home at 5:30 am!

The milk route took about 2 hours, then I went to school after that, It was one of those milk trucks that the milkman would always stand while driving because he was always in and out and I was doing the same.

I worked 5 days a week delivering, and on Saturday we would go to the customers homes for collections. I got 2.00 a week from the milkman and about $2.00 to $3.00 in tips, then I would give my Mother half of what I made and kept half for myself, I worked with the milkman a couple of months.

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